They’re getting younger and younger, the musicians I’m working with these days, as I’m getting older and older. Meet @amithavguitar a 16 year-old, monster guitar player from Chennai. I met him through my friend @babimitra who sent me some of his music a few months ago. Since then Sir Gautam (he insists on calling […]

#52JazzVideos #MyOwnMusicMarathon #HaveIGoneCrazy? I started collaborating with jazz musicians from other countries sometime in #June2020. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing. Today, 52 weeks later, I am posting my 52nd online jazz video. The song is #FoolsRushIn with my sweet piano-playin’ friend Tomoko Ohno Farnham whom I’m yet to meet. It will happen this year for […]

So when I write a tune it’s always the melody first and the lyric later. Sometimes the words try to force themselves out before the melody is gestated, and I have to be stern. Not yet, I say. Wait. I wrote #LoveOnTheDanceFloor about 10 years ago. We’ve performed it as a band a few times […]

Many, many people have performed #YouGoToMyHead because it’s an absolutely beautiful song. It’s moody and the lyrics are so beautifully written. It’s all about how love and alcohol are so perfectly paired. Maybe I haven’t had any alcohol in some 25 years, but I still remember. it was fun. Anyhow, I wrote #vocalese lyrics to […]

Michael Molloy, keys / Maciek Szczyciński bass / Radha Thomas, voice Written by #LeonardCohen, one of my earliest inspirations for writing lyrics, the words to this song can mean different things to different people. You can look it up. My mom, whose birthday it is today, loved him too. She would always ask me to […]

This is a version where I’ve written lyrics to Chet Baker’s famous trumpet solo where he performed with Paul Desmond (alto sax), bob James (Keyboards), Ron Carter (contrabass), Steve Gadd (drums). This is just Voice and bass, featuring Mauro Sereno (@MrSunnybass) from Italy. As always Ramjee put the video together for me.

Radha Thomas, voice / Pavel Ershov, Guitar I love #JulieLondon who first sang #CryMeARiver in 1955, the year I was born. She was accompanied by #BarneyKessel, monster guitar player. So I feel this is a pretty apt little tribute to the sound of the guitar and the voice together, two of the most perfect combos […]

I wrote lyrics to this classic many, may years ago. Haven’t performed it live too often but this set up was too tempting. Pavel Ershov on guitar from #russia, Maciek Szczyciński on bass and Bartosz Mikolaj Nazaruk on drums from #Poland. And me from #bangalore. I decided to give it a nice, laid back swing. […]