Joy Spring

They’re getting younger and younger, the musicians I’m working with these days, as I’m getting older and older.

Meet @amithavguitar a 16 year-old, monster guitar player from Chennai. I met him through my friend @babimitra who sent me some of his music a few months ago. Since then Sir Gautam (he insists on calling me ‘Ma’am’ although I have assured him I do not run brothels or anything like that) has done a lot of shredding and can finesse almost any genre you toss at him.

It’s pure joy. Which is why I chose #JoySpring, a #CliffordBrown instrumental tune. Hope you like it.

Thanks also to @ale.rosenblat (sound) and @lautarolunab (video) from #Argentina. . . . . . . #jazzduo #guitarandvoicejazz #teenagemutants #jazzinbangalore #jazzinindia #jazzcollabs #jazzacrossstatelines #chennaijazz

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