November 24, 2013 Swati Daftuar, The Hindu, Chennai, Metro Plus Writer and musician Radha Thomas on authoring a trilogy, juggling different creative pursuits and being part of The Hindu Lit for Life Radha Thomas seems to have done it all, or at least a lot. After writing a column on the sexes, putting together her […]

By Sonali Shenoy | ENS – CHENNAI 14th February 2013 08:42 AM When the mood of a book launch is set by an animated reading of the protagonist’s first love making experience – it’s clear that this ain’t you’re average Indian author. Not that it’s a sexed up Fifty Shades of Grey either. In fact, […]

Take a bowl of an Author, add a spoonful of Classical Singer, then add a pinch of Jazz Musician, pour some Songwriter into that and finally sprinkle some Column Writer. Mix it, Shake it and then take it out. You have Radha Thomas, the multi-talented author of “Men on my Mind” and the lead singer […]

Monday, April 22, 2013. Asian Age / Deccan Chronicle “When I’m writing, I don’t read anyone else. And when I’m composing I won’t listen to anyone else either. I feel it may compromise me.” Radha Thomas has spent her life obsessing… about jazz. Writing. Men. Getting the most out of a toothpaste tube. Her son. […]

24 Jan 2012 – Ashreya Mom When I started reading the book, I got reminded of Mohabatein movie.. strict boys educational institute, you need to cross so many hurdles if need to love or find a partner. Here it’s a girls school. Then there is a arrangement for interaction between the girls and boys school, […]

By Ayesha Tabassum, Bangalore Mirror, 9 Jan 2013 Author Radha Thomas, who recently released her book Men On My Mind, is known for her quick wit and intelligent sense of humour. So when we asked her to pick the books that changed her life, we had a plateful. She says, “Printed books were very important […]