LYRICS The birds outside my window, getting louder by the day A tribe of sparrows quarrels till I shoo, shoo them away Well right behind up close I hear a murder of crows A strange symphonic, cacophonic, avian prose Mosque and temples, churches standing quiet, empty and still For once it seems religion’s lost its […]

Radha Thomas, Aman Mahajan, 2012 I’m all alone, All my welcomes worn I feel so sad ‘cos I’m oh so far from my home I can’t get up and go Cos I ain’t got the dough I’m stuck here in the sleet and rain and the snow I dream of purple trees Gardens filled with […]

Radha Thomas, Aman Mahajan, 2013 You’ve locked me up and tied me down You’ve thrown away the key You say that I will fall in love With you, just wait and see You buy me diamond rings And then you ask if my heart sings But all that I want you to do’s Hand me […]

Radha Thomas,Aman Mahajan, 2012 Four dry Martinis a few Gin ‘n’ Ts The sound in my head is the buzzing of bees Looked everywhere but I can’t find my keys Bartender call me a cab if you please Oh my head, somebody get me to bed I really can’t see far ahead, tomorrow maybe I’ll […]

Radha Thomas, Aman Mahajan, 2014 I hear his footsteps Although he’s never around I hear him speak now Although he’s not making sounds What’s that I see there? Shadows that grow on the ground Only illusion I’m lost, I want to be found I close my eyes I’m trying to bring back the way I […]

Aman Mahajan, Radha Thomas, 2013 I’m sitting in the darkness all alone There’s nothing I can do but moan My fridge is on the blink, I’m burning up I got no ice to fill my cup The fone’s got no juice Computer’s blown a fuse What am I gonna do? The lights went out I […]

Aman Mahajan, Radha Thomas 2013 It’s seven o’clock that time again I’m trying to see through pouring rain Just when I thought I saw you there ‘Twas a leaf in the wind I think I can hear a roaring train I’m trying to wipe the windowpane Maybe I’ll clear away the grime Find it’s more […]

Aman Mahajan, Radha Thomas. 2012 Listen here Something in the wind the trees, the falling leaves Something in the changing seasons makes me wonder Something in a flash of light that tears the night When I hear the silence first and then the thunder Dewdrops glow in the early morn And I’m singing a lonely […]