Radha Thomas, Aman Mahajan, 2013

You’ve locked me up and tied me down
You’ve thrown away the key
You say that I will fall in love
With you, just wait and see

You buy me diamond rings
And then you ask if my heart sings
But all that I want you to do’s
Hand me back my wings

Love, it wasn’t meant
To be a one-way only street
There’s no win or lose in love
There’s only defeat

You pour the fancy wine
And sit beside me now to dine
You dress me up in silk and satin
Say I look so fine

But there’s no point in this
You know that I don’t want your kiss
If you love me please set me free
That would be my bliss

Love it can’t be strained
You know that love can’t be contained
Love it can’t remain
If there is always such pain

You pushed me down, you held me down, i begged you please, I begged you please, i begged you please

You said I’d have to fall in love with you, before you let me leave, before you let me leave, before you let me leave

And tried to say that’s not the way it works, people fall in and out of love, you need to find the space to grieve, find the space to grieve find the space to grieve

That’s the only way we go ahead, not together but apart. No broken heart, no broken heart, no broken heart.

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