October 5, 2014, Rupa Gulab, Asian Age   If I had to give a Twitter-sized review of this book, I’d say, think blasé Sex and the City instead of warm and fuzzy Bridget Jones’s Diary. Radha Thomas’ More Men on My Mind is about the hilarious sexual adventures of an Indian woman in New York […]

THE HINDU, Swati Daftuar, August 24, 2014, New Delhi Radha Thomas’s new book, “More Men on My Mind” continues to intrigue, entertain and, surprisingly, educate With her first book, “Men on my Mind”, Radha Thomas spun a story that was both fresh and exciting. The sequel, recently published, takes the story forwarded, its protagonist journeying […]

NAW- When did your literary journey begin? At what age did you discover that you wanted to write? I must have been six or seven when I first started to write poems. If I remember right, I moved on to writing songs. I didn’t start writing prose seriously till later, and I had no real […]