5 things to help you deconstruct a man

Radha Thomas, Hindustan Times  New Delhi, August 07, 2014

He can be handsome, he can be rich, he can be a poet ,he can be a software genius, but what’s he like as a person? There are a few easy ways to find out.

Yes, you can judge a man by the way he treats his cell phone. And there are other telltale signs that can provide insight into his character. Here are five man markers and what they mean.


How important is his cell phone?
A man who won’t shut off his cell phone during dinner on your first date isn’t worth a second. If the phone is more important than getting to know you, there’s no reason to believe that things will change later on in life. Yes, a cell phone can make the difference between profit and loss, life and death, success and failure – but if you’ve taken the trouble to dress up and arrive in person, you ought to get priority.

What’s he like behind the wheel?
He can be the most suave, cultured, genteel and sophisticated man around but if he can’t handle the higgledy-piggledy traffic on the roads in India, he is not going to be able to handle major problems as they crop up in life. And crop up, the will. In the throes of road rage, you have a 103-inch TV in 3D view. It might not be pretty.

What does he look like when he eats?
People rarely eat alone. So when one eats, it’s important to consider the person in front, and the UX you’re providing them. Eating with one’s mouth open, making loud smacking noises, spilling food all over the plate… these are dead giveaways to what a person is really like.

What does the toilet look like when he’s done?
I know this is an unpleasant subject but honestly, it’s the perfect way to judge a man and how considerate he really is. Need I say more?

Lastly, what are people saying about him and to him on FB?
You can’t hide from Facebook, except by not being on it. How many friends does he have? How many are skeevs? Are other people tagging him or is it all me, me me? Facebook shows someone your personality like nothing else. It’s like getting the low down from a merciless best friend.

Radha Thomas is the best selling author of Men On My Mind, released by Rupa Publications in 2012. Her second novel in the trilogy called More Men On My Mind, has just been released this July. A realistic, racy, quirky and funny look at the world through the eyes of a girl looking for the right man, some decent experiences and no heartache, MMOMM transcends the chick-lit genre to offer deeper insight into the psyche of the modern Indian woman. Thomas pulls no punches and holds back nothing in this hilarious journey through countries and continents in the quest of perfection. Thomas is a jazz singer, author and has lived a colourful life around the world. She is considered an authority relationships, possibly because she has had so many.



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