#TrinketsAndThings​ was a song #RyoKawasaki​ and I wrote back in 1978 and recorded in 1979. It’s a really pretty song and we did a very upbeat and very orchestral version that included many of #NYC​ top #JazzMusicians​ of the day. In 1979, When the album #MirrorOfMyMind​ came out, it was considered a fusion breakthrough or […]

I find it odd that #YouDontKnowWhatLoveIs​ was originally written for an #AbbotAndCostello​ film back in 1941. It eventually appeared in another comedy film in 1942, but this is such a tragic song, I can hardly believe someone would hear the pathos in the tune and immediately say, ‘Oh let’s fall down a flight of stairs.’ […]

Today, Feb 17, 2021 there has been no power all day in many parts of Bangalore. Seems like the perfect day to share this lovely tune. I heard Aman Mahajan playing #LoadShedding​ at a gig (without me I might add) and loved it. So I just went ahead and wrote lyrics to it. That was […]

#StormyWeather​ was first performed by the marvelous #EthelWaters​ at #TheCottonClub​ in #Harlem​ and a lot of iconic singers have performed it ever since. #HaroldArlen​ and #TedKoehler​ wrote it back in 1933. It’s one of those songs that wraps you in velvety sadness and you wish it wouldn’t stop. Singing is a great pain reliever. Physical […]

I wrote this song #Jailer​ back in 2013. And as I was finishing up the final bits, my son Stefan Persson actually said, ‘Mom, what’s that? I like it.’ For me that was a huge thing since he is most circumspect with his praise. Aman Mahajan and I have performed it many times as a […]

Vibes player #LionelHampton​ wrote #MidnightSun​ in 1954 as an instrumental, possibly not considering vocalists at all. This mostly chromatic, definitely non-foot-tapping melody is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard or sung. But according to #PhilipFuria​ (English professor, writer and expert on lyricists of the #TinPanAlley​ era) #JohnnyMercer​ (famed lyricist and co-founder […]

There have been many, many, many #jazzsingers​ and #jazzinstrumentalists​ who’ve covered #ButNotForMe​ in the past 90 years, when it was first written by #GeorgeandIraGershwin​ for a musical. Including #ChetBaker​, who both sang and took a #trumpetsolo​. And since I love writing lyrics and then singing his solos, that’s what I’ve done here. #Vocalese​, they call […]

One of #MilesDavis most famous tunes is #SoWhat. Arranged by #GilEvans with the signature melody payed by #PaulChambers on bass and #BillEvans on piano, the tune kicks off with Miles’ unforgettable trumpet solo. This was back in 1959 on the album #KindofBlue which many say is the most important album in all of jazz. But […]