Learning Left From Right And Wrong

Sep 12, 2022 #Dominique #Ukraine #Kodaikanal

I adapted this tune called #Dominique (from the 1963 movie #TheSingingNun) for my grandson #NikoRaPersson who will soon be three months old. His mommy, my daughter-in-law Linda Ramakrishnan Persson thought it would be a great idea to do an animated video for it. Honestly it wouldn’t have occurred to me. My very smart and talented 10 year-old niece Violette Cauvet, offered to make the video. Conceptualise, create and execute it. She is quite something. She goes to school in #Kodaikanal, and has spent many of her homework hours on this. Bisous Vivi. Playing keys from #Lviv in the #Ukraine is Yura Romaniv who totally gets it every time. Mostly we play jazz but this is our second Niko tune. Age and geography are really irrelevant these days when it comes to creating collaborative art. Have to thank technology for that. Working with Yura and Vivi is is a privilege. Is animation a #performingart? Are lyrics actually poems? Who makes the rules? We’re just having fun. Vivi n Yura n me. And Stefan Persson before you go complaining that I didn’t write any songs for you when you were a baby, it’s because I was busy changing diapers. Hope you like it.

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