By Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews – September 7, 2020 #Totally #unique #vocal #jazz #Radha #Thomas #Aman #Mahajan Totally unique vocal jazz Radha Thomas & Aman Mahajan – BANGALORE BLUES:  There’s one word that comes to mind (immediately) as I listen to Radha’s totally unique vocal jazz – BREATHLESS… her pacing and presence will have you […]

    By Garry Booth, 15 June 2020 It’s surprising that Indian musicians haven’t made greater inroads into jazz. Of course, there are significant examples of Western players being influenced by Indian music and Indian instrumentalists have also featured in jazz settings, most memorably in John McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu and Shakti groups. But Indian jazz singers […]

Jim Hynes / 29 April 2020 Radha Thomas, a veteran rock and jazz vocalist who is also Indian classically trained, joins with improvisational pianist Aman Mahajan for this spare duo performance where both contribute compositions, with Thomas responsible for the lyrics. Thomas sings while Mahajan plays either acoustic piano or Fender Rhodes across seven songs, […]

By Jayanthi Madhukar, Bangalore Mirror | Updated: Mar 15, 2020 If nothing else, Bengalureans resort to humour in the face of the crumbling infrastructure. Bengalurean jazz singer Radha Thomas and pianist Aman Mahajan however, wrote the song Load-shedding as an ode to the power cuts in the city. This, along with six other tracks, are included in […]

By Asha Chowdary, March 14 2020, Your Story If you love jazz music, don’t miss a unique jazz album from vocalist, Radha Thomas and pianist Aman Mahajan. Here’s an interview with the talented duo behind this special musical collection. Radha Thomas, is one of the city’s best-known jazz vocalists, who interprets jazz in unique ways […]