Reveiws: Radha Thomas & Aman Mahajan – Bangalore Blues

by George W. Harris • April 6, 2020

Intimate duets by vocalist/composer Radha Thomas and keyboardist/pianist Aman Mahajan are created on this collection of seven thoughtful musings.

Thomas’ voice possesses an alluring and secretive whisper, as if she’s letting you in on a secret, sounding like a vagabond on the title track or delivering observations on “Letimotif”. Mahajan gets blue on “Load Shedding” and the two go soulful on the hip “Would I Lie” while personal poetry not unlike Billy Joel are purveyed on “The Morning After” and sincere “Jailer”.

A throwback to vintage days of 70s singer/songwriters, Thomas comes across like an Indian version of Kenny Rankin, bringing jazzy bohemia to the fore.

Worth seeking out.

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