This is a version where I’ve written lyrics to Chet Baker’s famous trumpet solo where he performed with Paul Desmond (alto sax), bob James (Keyboards), Ron Carter (contrabass), Steve Gadd (drums). This is just Voice and bass, featuring Mauro Sereno (@MrSunnybass) from Italy. As always Ramjee put the video together for me.

It’s the #10thAnniversary of #InternationalJazzDay (in a few hours) and I thought I’d celebrate by posting this newest video made with two of the sweetest friends I have never met. According to the #UnitedNations, they did it “to highlight jazz and its diplomatic role of uniting people in all corners of the globe.” It is […]

There have been many, many, many #jazzsingers​ and #jazzinstrumentalists​ who’ve covered #ButNotForMe​ in the past 90 years, when it was first written by #GeorgeandIraGershwin​ for a musical. Including #ChetBaker​, who both sang and took a #trumpetsolo​. And since I love writing lyrics and then singing his solos, that’s what I’ve done here. #Vocalese​, they call […]

One of #MilesDavis most famous tunes is #SoWhat. Arranged by #GilEvans with the signature melody payed by #PaulChambers on bass and #BillEvans on piano, the tune kicks off with Miles’ unforgettable trumpet solo. This was back in 1959 on the album #KindofBlue which many say is the most important album in all of jazz. But […]

By Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews – September 7, 2020 #Totally #unique #vocal #jazz #Radha #Thomas #Aman #Mahajan Totally unique vocal jazz Radha Thomas & Aman Mahajan – BANGALORE BLUES:  There’s one word that comes to mind (immediately) as I listen to Radha’s totally unique vocal jazz – BREATHLESS… her pacing and presence will have you […]

    By Garry Booth, 15 June 2020 It’s surprising that Indian musicians haven’t made greater inroads into jazz. Of course, there are significant examples of Western players being influenced by Indian music and Indian instrumentalists have also featured in jazz settings, most memorably in John McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu and Shakti groups. But Indian jazz singers […]

  Many people ask me if I have any music from the time I was the lead singer in the Human Bondage, a rock and roll band in India, led my my then-husband Suresh Shottam and his brother Ramesh Shotham. Yes, they had different spellings for their last name. They have another brother Naresh, whose […]

Jim Hynes / 29 April 2020 Radha Thomas, a veteran rock and jazz vocalist who is also Indian classically trained, joins with improvisational pianist Aman Mahajan for this spare duo performance where both contribute compositions, with Thomas responsible for the lyrics. Thomas sings while Mahajan plays either acoustic piano or Fender Rhodes across seven songs, […]