There Will Never Be Another You

Radha Thomas and Oleg Maximov

#ThereWillNeveBeAnotherYou was written for a movie called Iceland back in 1942 by #HarryWarren and #MackGordon. It was sung as a slow ballad, a love song. Then along came #jazz cats. Who needed everything to be speeded up X4 so they could display their chops in a spectacular way. And one of those jazz cats was #ChetBaker, who could both sing slow and play fast. Unique chap.

And this intrigued me, as all his music does, so I decided to write lyrics to his solo. #Vocalese they call it. Baker did a version (very famous now) of ‘There Will Never Be Another You’ with a memorable intro that has no accompaniment. I mention it because these types of intros are all fine and dandy in a live setting, where someone counts off and everyone knows what to do. But when u have to do it across continents and cultures and time differences and languages, well… it’s not easy.

But with a little technology, #WhatsApp and #IrealB and the marvellous guitar player @OlegMaximovGuitarist from #RostovOnDon in Russia, I really had fun. He is very sweet.

It wouldn’t sound half as good without @Ale.Rosenblat, who mixed the music and deleted dog barks etc, and @LautaroLunaB who put the video together. They are both from #Argentina, extremely quick and knowledgeable. There is a lot of crap going on now all over the earth, but when you meet people like these gentlemen who love music and are so good at what they do, well, I think the world’s pretty great.

Hope you like it.

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