Aman Mahajan & Radha Thomas, Summertime

Possibly one of the most covered songs in the English-singing world, #Summertime is a #jazz and #blues classic. In #2034 it will be 100 years old. I may not be around then, so I figured I’d do my version of it while I still can.

Actually @amanmahajan_ and I first began performing this particular version in around 2012 or 2013. Always as a duo, even though we had a 6 piece band called #UNKTheRadhaThomasEnsemble back then. I’ve taken quite a few liberties with the song and while Aman could have stopped me, he didn’t. So he is half responsible 🙂

I remember the first time we performed it live, it was in the now defunct #BlueFrogMumbai. They had a beautiful stage visually, but the #subwoofers were under the stage and it gave one an odd feeling. Oddly, We’ve become so used to performing at home, it’s not odd at all.

This is a little preview of what to expect from our live online concert on Dec 3, on my FB page at 7:00 pm. Please come. You won’t need a mask.

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