On stage, under the spotlight, with an audience in front and a band behind me, that’s where I like living most of all. I discovered this when I was a little kid and would sing for my mom’s friends. Today nothing has changed. That’s still my most favourite place to be. I think i live […]

Earlier in the summer, I was in NYC and had two weeks of terrific fun planning and finally recording an album I’ve always wanted to do. Writing lyrics and writing books things I really enjoy doing… not quite as much as singing though if I’m to be honest. Anyhow, I’ve been working on a bunch […]

Aman Mahajan and I have been working on the tunes in Bangalore Blues for about 6 or 7 years now. Trying it out in different formats depending on whether we have a quartet a quintet a trio, or this, o0ur favourite format, a duo. A pure piano and voice rendition of our own material, this […]

When I met Ryo in 1977 he was already making music and quite famous in NYC at the time. He was working on this album Ring Toss and when he heard me sing, he immediately wanted me to do a little bit of singing on it. Most of the album was already done by then […]

Called jazz-fusion back in 1979 this Album released by Sony Music in 1979 made some waves. Ryo Kawasaki was already famous because of his playing with Gil Evans and Elvin Jones. No one knew me. So being featured was a very big deal. Recorded at Power Station Studio in New York City in 1979 the […]

https://mynunorthernsoul.bandcamp.com/album/trinkets-things-1978-demo Featuring Radha Thomas (Shottam) and Ryo Kawasaki who collaborated from 1977 onwards until about 1979, there were many performances and recordings. This one is particularly interesting.This limited-edition cassette contains four tracks taken from demo tapes and live performances dating back to 1977. Kawasaki explains, “… actually how I got my hands on these were […]

Someone must have left the gates in Raju’s house open for a moment because my silly sister, who may have seen it as a chance to go looking for her mommy (who was probably eating sushi somewhere in #NYC, not thinking of poor Brownie at all) slipped out when no one was looking.[…]