While normally I write a song in a day or two, this one, ‘Would I Lie’ I started writing when u was about 19. It’s been percolating a while. I finished it some 10 years ago, after meeting @aman.mahajan who has a way of completing my thoughts. We recorded it on our album #BangaloreBlues last […]

#GoodMorningHeartache is a melancholy song. I love it. Tomoko Ohno Farnham and Mauro Sereno (@mrsunnybass) make it so easy to sing that I feel I am unduly fortunate. Thanks Ale Rosenblat and Lautaro Luna Binder for putting the sound and video together. Hope you like it. For Sanjay. #ArshiaSattar . . . .#jazzstandard #jazzvocal #jazztrio […]

Akshada Krishnan, piano and Radha Thomas, voice Ladies and gentlemen, jazz is alive and well in Bangalore and not only that, it’s growing. So, so, so happy to be singing #BodyAndSoul this song with Akshada Krishnan, who is one of Aman Mahajan’s stellar students. We met a couple of years ago as she was beginning […]

It’s the #10thAnniversary of #InternationalJazzDay (in a few hours) and I thought I’d celebrate by posting this newest video made with two of the sweetest friends I have never met. According to the #UnitedNations, they did it “to highlight jazz and its diplomatic role of uniting people in all corners of the globe.” It is […]

Recorded this before I was C+ and posting it today for my darling aunt Tiku who would have been 80 today, if she hadn’t left five years ago. #ImAFoolToWantYou is another sad song. I will sing happy songs one day… maybe. Thanks @mrsunnybass, Mauro Sereno and Pasha Karchevsky and Ale Rosenblat and Lautaro Luna Binder […]

Another tune in my quest to sing my heart out. With Michael Molloy and Mauro Sereno stoking the sorrow, it seems like the right type of song for the times. Ale Rosenblatt and Lautaro Luna Binder thanks for the sound and video. We went from #Bangalore to #lombardiitaly and then to #London. Finally we landed […]

You​’ve Changed is a very popular song from the 1940s, covered by vocalists from #BillieHoliday​ to #GeorgeMichael​, #EllaFitzgerald​ and #JoniMichell​. It is a most beautiful song that I learned many years ago.If you listen to a few versions you’ll see how it can be really grand and lush. I think our version is pretty stark, […]

#TrinketsAndThings​ was a song #RyoKawasaki​ and I wrote back in 1978 and recorded in 1979. It’s a really pretty song and we did a very upbeat and very orchestral version that included many of #NYC​ top #JazzMusicians​ of the day. In 1979, When the album #MirrorOfMyMind​ came out, it was considered a fusion breakthrough or […]