Aman Mahajan, Radha Thomas, 2013 I’m sitting in the darkness all alone There’s nothing I can do but moan My fridge is on the blink, I’m burning up I got no ice to fill my cup The fone’s got no juice Computer’s blown a fuse What am I gonna do? The lights went out I […]

Aman Mahajan, Radha Thomas 2013 It’s seven o’clock that time again I’m trying to see through pouring rain Just when I thought I saw you there ‘Twas a leaf in the wind I think I can hear a roaring train I’m trying to wipe the windowpane Maybe I’ll clear away the grime Find it’s more […]

Aman Mahajan, Radha Thomas. 2012 Listen here Something in the wind the trees, the falling leaves Something in the changing seasons makes me wonder Something in a flash of light that tears the night When I hear the silence first and then the thunder Dewdrops glow in the early morn And I’m singing a lonely […]

Aman Mahajan, Radha Thomas 2012 Listen here Dark as the night What is that screaming? I hear a sound inside my head, Am I just dreaming? I’ve come undone Can’t find the pieces Until you put me back again The hurt never ceases Give me this chance, please to make this right I need you […]

Ryo Kawasaki, Radha (Shottam) Thomas, 1979 Listen here Thoughts that freeze Flakes hang in the air Winter is here And with it’s ghosts Warmth so vague In a dream yet to come In the depths of thought Though it’s true Cold, becomes a part Of human change I cannot bear when the air, Raging wild […]

Ryo Kawasaki and Radha (Shottam) Thomas, 1978 Listen here See pretty bangles shine Silver, green and blue And if you haven’t seen them shine in the sun And if you haven’t heard them tinkle, Bell-like, ringing Then you’ve missed all the fun Yeah, looking at one They shine in the sun Glow in the dark […]

Ryo Kawasaki / Radha (Shottam) Thomas, 1978 Listen here If I were a song today, I would fade out Or be out of tune Maybe I’d forget, my meaning, alter my purpose Why do I attempt meaningless poetry, when my thoughts are still, but my mind races on, on and on, on and on? My […]

Suresh Shottam, Radha Thomas 1975   Listen here High on a mountain Over sound of a misty morning you can hear him Clear more than crystal Ringing over the heights of laughter even sadness   Sound of perfection Singing through daylight Sound of the sunset Silencing night   Ties all abandoned And you follow his […]

Tuna Sushi with cauliflower rice

Cauliflower sushi, really?  Yes. I kid you not. In ‘The Cauliflower Diet’ I’ve got recipes that use the cauliflower as a substitute for rice, wheat, potatoes and flour. You will find ‘Spinach Risotto’ (meaning I’m using cauliflower instead of risotto). Or Sushi, where there’s no real rice… only Cauliflower Rice. Forty two original and unique recipes […]