Two dosais and one equinox. I wrote #RenduDosai some years ago based on something my sorta-niece @lulubeans9 said about eating two dosais. She was quoting #BobMarleys #SmokeTwoJoints. I loved the idea and the words to Rendu Dosai came tumbling out… (considering #tamizh is both my mother and father tongue) especially after I discovered that […] Many terrible things happened in 1934. From a rash of dictators rising in Germany, China, Russia, Bolivia and Brazil to the #GreatDepression reaching depths of hopelessness unseen before. But some nice things happened too. #DonaldDuck first appeared on the scene and so did this song #MyOldFlame. Moving to the #HereAndNow, accompanying me beautifully as […] They’re getting younger and younger, the musicians I’m working with these days, as I’m getting older and older. Meet @amithavguitar a 16 year-old, monster guitar player from Chennai. I met him through my friend @babimitra who sent me some of his music a few months ago. Since then Sir Gautam (he insists on calling […]

In Abhinav Chandrachud’s retelling, the biography of the former Attorney General of India comes together like a puzzle By Radha Thomas The story goes that Soli Sorabjee’s life-long passion for jazz began accidentally, while he was in college. He was at Bombay’s Rhythm House, now shuttered, looking for Brahms’ ‘Hungarian Dance No. 5’ but the […]