I think I wrote #Tumble in 2012 when I was feeling creative. @Aman_Mahajan created some wonderful accompaniment for my melody and words and we’ve been performing this song over and over from #Bangalore to #Bucharest and in between. This is a version with @TomokoOhnoFarnham who lives in #NewJersey and who always adds her own twist […]

The Madras Crocodile Bank Trust/Centre for Herpetology is run by some people, whose people (Neel Chattopadhyay, Arundhati Chattopadhyaya) I love very, very much. So when they asked me to write a song, well it kinda just slithered out of me. Aman Mahajan caught it in the nick of time and gave it some juice. The […]

Aman Mahajan & Radha Thomas, Summertime Possibly one of the most covered songs in the English-singing world, #Summertime is a #jazz and #blues classic. In #2034 it will be 100 years old. I may not be around then, so I figured I’d do my version of it while I still can. Actually @amanmahajan_ and I […]

I first heard #BornToBeBlue sung by #HelenMerrill on an album which featured #CliffordBrown. I listened to that album hundreds of times and I know every single song on it. Until I heard Helen Merrill (in the mid 70s) I think I’d thought that jazz had to be sung at top volume with heavy duty dynamics […]

#IfIShouldLoseYou made its debut in the 1936 film #RoseOfTheRancho. The movie did not receive an auspicious review, #CliveHirschhorn in his book, #TheHollywoodMusical, describes the movie version as an, “uneasy mix of operetta and low comedy.” But It’s really quite a beautiful song. Both melody and lyric. And so it’s not surprising that it’s been covered […]