Aug 25, 2022 #BuenosAires #Bangalore #originaljazz

About 3 weeks ago I got a new body part. A hip. Seriously didn’t think I could ever record and feel good again, but I’m at it. Unbelievable. This is a song called Tumble that I wrote maybe 8-9 years ago. I quite like the ease with which words rhyme with ‘tumble’ – don’t have to think too hard to write a song. The melody just tumbled out too. This falling metaphor has to go I think… what with what I e been thru and all. With me on guitar is @fermincarpena from #BuenosAires which seems to be bursting at the seams with superb musicians. Next thing I’m looking forward to is playing live with my favourite #Bangalore musicians. . . . #originaljazz #jazzduo #guitarandvoice #FerminFromArgentina

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