Beat Kaestli, Jazz Singer And Dog Trainer Says The Streets of New York Are Filled With The Sound Of Music

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Beat Kaestli From Switzerland, Jazz Singer & Dog Trainer Says The Streets of New York Are Alive With The Sound Of Music


Beat Kaestli From Switzerland, Jazz Singer & Dog Trainer Says The Streets of New York Are Alive With The Sound Of Music

Maybe some of you know that I’m a jazz singer, maybe some of you don’t.  I’m not bringing that up randomly, there is a reason why I mention this. During the pandemic, I ended up making a bunch of virtual jazz videos with musicians from Russia, Argentina, France, Italy…  all over the world really. 

And oddly, as I got to know the musicians, I discovered that there are streeties / rescue dogs everywhere. Many of my online musician friends had dogs under their feet as they played for me. It felt so good to know this. 

One such person I met is Beat Kaestli, (pronounced Bay-At Kae-Slee) who is originally from Switzerland and now lives in Brooklyn, New York. He is a marvellous jazz vocalist, a passionate dog lover and trainer. My favourite kind of human combo.

He has spent time working for many animal shelters in NYC… placing hard-to-adopt doggies in good homes… and you know how hard that is. 

It was really wonderful to talk to him on FaceTime. One of the big takeaways for me was that as humans who love dogs, we must constantly advocate for them. Even little things like telling a guest in your house not to make eye contact with your dog if it’s a nervous animal. Or telling a newcomer not to bear down with outstretched arms holding treats, but rather to toss them in front.  Things that make so much sense, once you think about it.

Beat trains dogs in NYC who are possibly more stressed than dogs in other parts of America, from the sheer pressure of humanity living one on top of the other in tall buildings. Constant stimulation and constant noise. Not really having much privacy or open space.

His company is, focusses socially challenged, under-socialized, fearful (in parentheses.. rescue) dogs, with a history of abuse or neglect. If you have an internet connection… he’ll help you. show less

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