Bangalore Blues 2022

Sep 23, 2022 #originalmusic #originaljazz #musicandart

#BangaloreBlues That’s the title track of the album, @amanmahajanmusic and I made. Just the two of us. We were really building castles in the air because almost on the day of our scheduled album launch the pandemic hit. We never got to launch it, tour all over and so on because of Corona. All those plans fizzled out. But finally the video for the title song is ready. The cover art for the album and all the images in this video are by the unmistakable, one-of-a-kind, Bangalorean genius @apaulogy_gallery (Paul Fernandes) I keep listening to this song again and again just to look at his art and each time I find something new. It was animated by a new discovery Stefan Rademacher. Oh the entire album is on Spotify. And we’d love for u to listen to it. There are many songs on it. . . . #originalmusic #originaljazz #screwedbythepandemic #musicandart #paintingsandpoetry #bangaloreanartists

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