Night In Tunisia (Interlude)

Sep 16, 2022 #JohnColtrane#Naima#jazzvocals#Naima is a #JohnColtrane song that I wrote lyrics for years ago. It really is a lovely melody. Made for singing. So thrilled to sing it with Marie Hagén and Aman Mahajan. Marie spent a lot of time in Bangalore during Covid and we became friends online. Just when it is safe to come out, off she’s gone 🥲 At least we could do some music together. For a little over 10 years now Aman and I have worked in multiple jazz formats. All I can say is that despite crap happening to me a lot of the time, he is the one amazing constant ❤️ It’s always wonderful to try something new musically, and I hope you like this. It was recorded and mixed by Navneeth Krishnan. . . #jazzvocals#jazztrio#jazzharmony#singingjazz

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