But Not For Me

There have been many, many, many #jazzsingers​ and #jazzinstrumentalists​ who’ve covered #ButNotForMe​ in the past 90 years, when it was first written by #GeorgeandIraGershwin​ for a musical. Including #ChetBaker​, who both sang and took a #trumpetsolo​.

And since I love writing lyrics and then singing his solos, that’s what I’ve done here.

#Vocalese​, they call it. I’ve tried to make the lyrics match the original tune, sort of trying to get into the depths of the singer’s sadness.

My accompanist this time is Edgars Rugajs, who is from Latvia but now lives in Iceland Sound editing as always by Ale Rosenblat and video editing by Lautaro Luna Binder.

It feels as though I’m flipping across the universe like a virus. But #jazz​ is benign, thankfully. Hope you like it.

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