Today is Milo Kotnala’s 3rd Birthday. So, I thought, it will be best to review the book  ‘Dog Tails’ by Radha Thomas.

Some three years back, before Milo Kotnala became part of the family, I would have not glanced or picked ‘Dog Tails’ by Radha Thomas.  More so, it was only available in Kindle and cost 250!!! So why did I order it on Kindle and then reviewed it?

Simple. Things changed in my life. 


Milo Kotnala is the prince of Kotnala family. Even during lockdown we have questioned and at times delayed meeting a doctor for the human members of the family, but anything to MILO KOTNALA and we would leave everything. I am not saying above to discriminate between pets and human members of the family. MILO is a family. He is our Bhudape ki choti aulaad.  He showers on us unconditional love.

And let me be honest here- I don’t think we have been able to train Milo, it is Milo  who has trained us.


Radha Thomas, the author, is a member of a common group. Seems logical to pick the book.


The money goes to CARE, (Charlies Animal Rescue Centre) is an NGO in Bangalore run by Sudha Narayan. That takes care of the price issue.


It is an endearing story of a lady getting interested in the street dogs that has makes an appearance at the society gate. It follows by someone adopts the dog. But, the interest is already created. The life as I said earlier is not the same. The story develops with the Indian breed and authors adventure with them. From initial interest to adoption. To care and learning as a pet Mother. To the constraints and the experiences that take place in her life.

It is wonderfully written and even though the main characters are the pets that too the indie breed of dogs. The stories are interesting enough, even though you may not call them page-turner. But, if you ever loved a dog or has any pet, it becomes more engaging to you.

In between chapters, the author uses the opportunity to comments on Indian laws dealing with stray dogs. These pages are rich with situation analysis and statistics related to them. I felt that could have been a separate section at the ned. But I know, to make the people read and understand what is captured in those single pagers, they had to be between the chapters. 

It is a beautiful effort, and I loved it. A recommended reading for all pet lovers and pet parents. Definitely for the dog pet parents and brothers and sisters. And also for the people who are considering becoming one shortly.  


You may fall in love with dogs and soon become a pet parent. So read it with love care and clarity of mind.

Dog Tails By Radha Thomas- Kindle INR 250. Every Rupee Goes To Care, (Charlies Animal Rescue Centre) Is An Ngo In Bangalore Run By Sudha Narayan.

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