It Might As Well be Spring

Morgan Walbridge, Radha Thomas and Mauro Sereno performing ‘It Might As Well be Spring’

#ItMightAsWellBeSpring is a song written by #RichardRodgers and #OscarHammerstein for a film In 1945. No surprise that it won the #Oscar for #BestOriginalSong. It is a super song to sing and I add my name to the list of singers who’ve gone before me.

The melody that jumps up and down like a puppet on a string was rewritten by Rodgers to suit the Hammerstein’s lyric. I’ve never performed with a vibes player before and it is such a treat.

@morganwalbridge is a student at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, twenty-something, but plays with the feeling of an old soul. So happy to have found her.

@MauroSereno (#mrsunnybass) from #Cavriano in the #Lombardy region of Italy is one of the sweetest, most generous and giving musicians I have ever met online. He has put up with my whimsical key changes and arbit back-and-forth with such indulgence I feel totally ashamed. ‘Singers’ he types wryly.

How wonderful it is to collaborate with musicians from everywhere and produce exactly what I have in my head.

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