Tuna Sushi with cauliflower rice

Cauliflower sushi, really?  Yes. I kid you not. In ‘The Cauliflower Diet’ I’ve got recipes that use the cauliflower as a substitute for rice, wheat, potatoes and flour. You will find ‘Spinach Risotto’ (meaning I’m using cauliflower instead of risotto). Or Sushi, where there’s no real rice… only Cauliflower Rice. Forty two original and unique recipes […]

Smita Mishra, 13 June 2016, TNN All those who cannot imagine their veggies and curries without rice, cauliflower has become the new saviour. Sounds unbelievable? Radha Thomas in her book, “The Cauliflower diet” shows how the humble veggie has now become a potent replacement for carbs. Cauliflower is the new soya and this versatile vegetable can be […]

Krutika Behrawala |  08-Mar-2016 Mid-Day Five years ago, fed up of the Atkins diet that she’d opted for, Bengaluru-based writer and Jazz vocalist, Radha Thomas, tried a culinary experiment in the kitchen. Along with her help, Bagya, the 50-year-old whipped up Cauliflower Rice Pilaf. The lone difference: here the rice was also made using the […]

  Aditi Rastogi, Woman’s Era, April 19, 2016 “The Cauliflower diet is the new rice, new potato, the new thin” says Chef and author Radha Thomas. Cauliflower is the answer to the prayer of every person on the planet who wants to lose weight, wants to stay healthy. Radha Thomas, the author of ‘The Cauliflower […]