Dog Tails: A True Story About A Few Entitled Street Dogs In Bangalore

Street dogs in Bangalore have had it pretty rough since lockdown, when people who fed them regularly disappeared forever. Add to this the fact that huge numbers of people went back to their ‘oorus’ abandoning dogs at will. You have a situation where packs of dogs are stressed out, getting run over, diseased, starving and all sorts of unimaginable things.

I’d been writing this book for a while, hoping to find a rich publisher with a big heart and a love for dogs who would write me a fat cheque that I could donate. That didn’t happen.

So I decided to give the book to Sudha Narayanan of Charlies Animal Rescue Centre (CARE) to publish themselves, so they could keep every rupee that #AmazonKindle gives them… hoping to reach you directly.

Please go to that ‘buy now’ button and get a copy of Dog Tails. You might find it a fun read too and it’s only Rs 250. Also, please tell all the people you know to cough up. Think puppy dog eyes.

Thanks to darling Tushita Patel for editing the book and mighty thanks to Reynold Philip for your amazing drawings. All for the love of the doggie.


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