What Stress

July 4, 2020, Redoane Ayoub (Red) on Guitar and me singing

Most of my songs are non-fiction. This one is called ‘What Stress’ and I wrote it some time ago. Nothing seems to change, I dunno what’s wrong with me I must confess.

I’ve performed it many times with different lineups. What makes this bluesy, rock-and-roll version so amazing for me is that I’m playing it with Red. (redoneguitar@gmail.com where you can find some of his music)

We met in Dubai some ten years ago when Ramjee and I would listen to him play every night as long as we were there. We couldn’t get enough of him. We became friends and I have really, really wanted to play live with him, but aside from jamming in his apartment in Dubai it was impossible. That’s because Dubai has a law that prevents people from sitting in with musicians. You need a license and have to pay fees or something, or else the club owner and everyone else goes directly to jail. Real bummer.

So in a way, because of Covid and PFH (Play From Home) Red and I just sent files back and forth over the internet. Then he and my audio chap (Ramjee) dealt with latency issues and who-knows-what-else till we finally succeeded.

Singing the blues can take the edge off of pain, at least for a little while. Hope you like it.


Funny things that made me smile

Now they make me wanna cry

Every day it’s just the same

So why should I try

They say it’s only in my mind

But can’t you hear it too

It floats around me in the air

A paranoic shade of blue

If only you could feel like I

I jump when I see shadows fly

I don’t know what is wrong with me

I must confess


I see it there and everywhere

It’s gnawing at my heart and soul

I think it’s time to say those prayers

I know I’m growing old

I can only reminisce

Seems so lonely too

I don’t want to feel like this

Helpless and so screwed

I close my eyes, it’s all so strange

Nothing seems to change

What is it that always makes me feel like such a mess


The doctor said my nerves are frayed

He says he’s got a pill

I look at him and I’m afraid

His pills will kill my will

I’m chafing and I feel so raw

There’s nothing I can do

He said his pills will make me thaw

Well that’s his point of view

So now I’ve got a choice or two

That’s why I’m asking you

Should I go with his yabadabadoo, or welcome stress

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