Midnight Sun

Vibes player #LionelHampton​ wrote #MidnightSun​ in 1954 as an instrumental, possibly not considering vocalists at all.

This mostly chromatic, definitely non-foot-tapping melody is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard or sung. But according to #PhilipFuria​ (English professor, writer and expert on lyricists of the #TinPanAlley​ era) #JohnnyMercer​ (famed lyricist and co-founder of #CapitolRecords​) was driving on the freeway from #PalmSprings​ to #Hollywood​ when he heard Hampton’s tune on the radio. I suppose one would have to be driving through the desert sands to conjure up images of snowy heights.

The #California​ scenery inspired him to compose these beautiful lyrics as he drove the 150-plus miles. PFH stuff inspired Aman Mahajan and me to perform it last week.

#VincentVanGogh​ and #TheStarryNights​ felt like the perfect backdrop. Aman did ALL the sound engineering, the video editing and piano playing. All I did was set up the lights, using a green screen for the first time, and sing. . .


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