Jailer (2021)

I wrote this song #Jailer​ back in 2013. And as I was finishing up the final bits, my son Stefan Persson actually said, ‘Mom, what’s that? I like it.’ For me that was a huge thing since he is most circumspect with his praise.

Aman Mahajan and I have performed it many times as a duo and also with our beautiful band #UNKTheRadhaThomasEnsemble​ which has gone into what looks like permanent lockdown along with the whole world. Very sad.

It is on our album ‘Bangalore Blues’ released last year (on all streaming platforms) done as a duo.

This is a brand new, ballad-like version with Mauro Sereno who adds such depth and beauty to everything I sing. And for the first time, 19 year-old Ben Amstutz who plays drums with such sensitivity that you’d imagine Aman and I have been working with him for years. I mean, he was 11 when I wrote the song.

‘Jailer’ has a triplet feel that I like very much. The words are sort of autobiographical but that’s all I’m saying. Hope you like the song.

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