Stormy Weather

#StormyWeather​ was first performed by the marvelous #EthelWaters​ at #TheCottonClub​ in #Harlem​ and a lot of iconic singers have performed it ever since.

#HaroldArlen​ and #TedKoehler​ wrote it back in 1933. It’s one of those songs that wraps you in velvety sadness and you wish it wouldn’t stop. Singing is a great pain reliever. Physical pain I mean, the kind you pop pain killers for.

On this track Edgars Rugajs who lives in Iceland, plays guitar. I think he looks a lot like #JohnScofield​ did when I first met him back in the late 70s, and we did a strange gig in a disco in #Connecticut​ with Ronald D. McClure and #JeffWilliams​ and I can’t remember who else.

Shout out to #AleRosenblat​ for sound and #LautaroLunaBinder​ for putting the videos together. Hope u like it 🙂


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