Music from 1974-ish


Many people ask me if I have any music from the time I was the lead singer in the Human Bondage, a rock and roll band in India, led my my then-husband Suresh Shottam and his brother Ramesh Shotham. Yes, they had different spellings for their last name. They have another brother Naresh, whose last name is Purushotham. I have never ben able to figure this out. There is a family resemblance and I have met their parents so I know they are not bare-faced liars, they are siblings… but I digress.

I had no recordings from 1973 thru 1976 when I sang with them at the ripe old age of 16-ish.

But we had a lot of fans and many of them would come to listen to us at Wheels, in Delhi, every single night except Monday’s when we were off. One of them, a darling named Chris Breetveld recorded us somehow, and many years later asked me if it would be ok to put his tapes up on Bandcamp.

I think i checked with everyone else, Babu Joseph, Xerxes Gobhai and the Shott(h)am brothers. No one objected.

So here’s the link if u are interested.

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