#PolkaDotsandMoonbeams was published first in 1940, that’s 80 years ago. And it became a huge hit for #FrankSinatra. The music was written by Jimmy Van Heusen and lyrics by Johnny Burke. It’s also one of the world’s top 100 recorded jazz tunes. So naturally, I wanted to try it. I’ve never sung a song to […]

#Nuages (meaning ‘clouds’ in French) is guitar player #DjangoReinhardt’s most famous composition. It was first recorded in 1940 although he did at least 13 versions after that.There were no lyrics when Django wrote the piece, of course. But the melody is so beautiful and haunting that it didn’t take long before people wrote lyrics to […]

July 4, 2020, Redoane Ayoub (Red) on Guitar and me singing Most of my songs are non-fiction. This one is called ‘What Stress’ and I wrote it some time ago. Nothing seems to change, I dunno what’s wrong with me I must confess. I’ve performed it many times with different lineups. What makes this bluesy, rock-and-roll […]

I was trying to write lyrics to a melody that was playing in my head and I couldn’t hear myself think. It was the birds outside. Cackling, cawing, chirping, #tweeting and generally creating what I can only describe as strange, symphonic, cacophonic avian prose. @RamjeeChandran put the chords together since I mostly know only A,D […]