Rendu Dosai

Two dosais and one equinox. I wrote #RenduDosai some years ago based on something my sorta-niece @lulubeans9 said about eating two dosais. She was quoting #BobMarleys #SmokeTwoJoints. I loved the idea and the words to Rendu Dosai came tumbling out… (considering #tamizh is both my mother and father tongue) especially after I discovered that there are hundreds of dosais in the world. I’ve don’t a few versions of it, one #reggae of course and one #Indian #konnakol version with @officialroncha and @sandhyasan. I love that one.

This one is with a few loiterers I found lurking in my house.

And it’s a jazz version using #JohnColtrane’s #Equinox as my inspiration. A #jazzmashup if you like. It was actually challenging and lots of fun to do it. It better not be a portent of things to come.

#GoAwayOmicron. And @lautarolunab and @ale.rosenblat you think we will ever meet? Hope you like it. . . . #originaljazz #memyselfandi #jazzvocal #jazzcollabs #jazzmashups

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