Load Shedding

Aman Mahajan, Radha Thomas, 2013

I’m sitting in the darkness all alone
There’s nothing I can do but moan
My fridge is on the blink, I’m burning up
I got no ice to fill my cup
The fone’s got no juice
Computer’s blown a fuse
What am I gonna do?

The lights went out I know at half past six
Tell me who’s been playing tricks
The microphone don’t work, it won’t come on
I sit here waiting for the dawn
I can’t do a thing
I can’t even sing
What am I gonna do?

I thought I’d heat me up some chicken pie
The microwave won’t even sigh
I thought I’d settle down, I’d try to write
My laundry whirring out of sight
Nothing’s goin’ right
Tonight’s just not my night
What am I gonna do

I thought that I would walk down to the store
I’m stuck right up on sixty-four
I count my fingertips to find the things
That I can use without plug ins
A paper and a pen
A matchstick and a flame
What am I gonna do?

I’m sitting alone
All do is moan
Try to get the right tone

Way down in the park
I hear the dogs bark
I’m afraid of the dark

C’mon turn on the light
Do I have to fight?
Don’t citizens have rights?
What am I gonna do?

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