Only Illusion

Radha Thomas, Aman Mahajan, 2014

I hear his footsteps
Although he’s never around
I hear him speak now
Although he’s not making sounds

What’s that I see there?
Shadows that grow on the ground
Only illusion
I’m lost, I want to be found

I close my eyes
I’m trying to bring back the way
I felt his breath
Oh, so soft on my neck every day

Senses they’re heightened
I feel so wide and awake
Demons they torment
They taunt, they won’t go away

He said – He’d be back and always stay right by my side
But I – Didn’t know that he would hide
The truth – Everything he said to me, has been a lie
He’s gone – Every day just passes by

Starlight it sparkles it says to me don’t you cry
Moon, it fills up the sky I can’t tell you why
Sun, is dawning lighting the morning sky
World keeps turning but how do I keep going when I’ve,

Lost him forever
If only I, I had known
Why did I scare him?
Oh why did I let him go?

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