Would I Lie?

Radha Thomas, Aman Mahajan 2012

Would I lie for you
Would I cry for you
Would I try for you
Would I die for you

Would I run to you
Or would I run from you
Is it fun for you
Am I the one for you

Can’t know for sure
If what we’re saying now
Will be as true
On every single day
Can’t know for sure
If what we’re feeling now
Will be the same in every way

You swear to me
Though it’s plain to see
It’s not to be
There’ll never be a you & me

There is no we
Unless you see
You hold the key
What you say is what I’m hearing
What I see I’m not believin’
So tell me when I will be
Free of you
Find my peace from you
Take my leave from you
I will not grieve for you

I saw you on the street
Looked good enough to eat
You were holding someone’s hand
Might have seen a wedding band
I looked just to be sure
Cos you said you were so pure
But then I saw you eyes
I understood the lies

Hey hey, get those hands away you
I’m thinking I should
Go – find myself a life
And put away that knife…
I’m in a mood where I could hurt
Uh lemme reassert
So listen to me
Here’s my final word
I will no die for you

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