Aman Mahajan, Radha Thomas 2013

It’s seven o’clock that time again
I’m trying to see through pouring rain
Just when I thought I saw you there
‘Twas a leaf in the wind
I think I can hear a roaring train
I’m trying to wipe the windowpane
Maybe I’ll clear away the grime
Find it’s more than a leaf…

I listen
For just anything
A bang, a thump
That doorbell ring
In the silence of
This darkened night
I wait, for you

All of that hope, it’s all in vain
Willing you back that’s just insane
Like a leaf in a storm

Trash on the street get’s blown around
Brimming with tears, I’ve run aground
I thought that I felt a hand in mine
It was only a leaf…
I’m right on the edge so tightly wound
I jump every time I hear a sound
Just when I thought I heard you there

T’was a leaf in the breeze
I thought, I heard
Somebody speak
I think I hear
A car door creak
In the maelstrom of
This fearful night
I wait, for you

There’s nothing here that I have found
There’s nothing here that’s more profound
Than a leaf in the wind

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