Book Radha Thomas’s Men On My Mind is a witty take on women’s outlook on men It is witty, in-your-face and written in an engaging way. Men On My Mind, veteran jazz singer Radha Thomas’s debut novel is a woman’s hilarious understanding of men—who come in various physiques and personalities. Launched last week at Oxford Bookstore, Men On […]

Monday, November 26, 2012 From Afternoon Despatch & Courier Men On My Mind by Radha Thomas is a funny and raunchy book about living life the way you desire, and (that also means) pursuing what, or rather who you desire. We don’t get too many books where women authors guiltlessly write about playing the field […]

11 Nov 2012, Men on My Mind by Radha Thomas is a new novel about love, sex and adventure. The book tells the story of a Girl from India and the author takes the readers to various Mumbai, Delhi, Beijing, Rotorua and New York, in the age-old quest for the Man. This is a […]

Nov 05, 2012, Jayanthi Madhukar Radha Thomas likens her first book to delivering a baby. And as Men On My Mind forays into the published world, she confesses to being on tenterhooks, awaiting the reaction to it. “At least, a new-born baby is something everyone will love on first sight. Hopefully, the reaction to my book will be the same,” says Thomas. Most would recognise Radha Thomas […]