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Monday, November 26, 2012
From Afternoon Despatch & Courier

Men On My Mind by Radha Thomas is a funny and raunchy book about living life the way you desire, and (that also means) pursuing what, or rather who you desire. We don’t get too many books where women authors guiltlessly write about playing the field the way most men in the writing business happily do.

The chaste environment at a girl’s convent in Panchgani triggers every kind of distraction with a boys’ institution close by, the inherent Mills and Boons problem of not being able to decide between male choices available, and thus getting caught for two-timing.  Hilarious!

Off to the States to live with an aunt, she enjoys the company there while trying her best to lose her virginity. Surrendering It finally to a violinist is downright comical, with her on her back, matching ecstatic sound for sound to keep him going, even as she is checking out the many modifications to be done in the apartment one she moves in with him!   Real jazzy stuff.



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