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Book Radha Thomas’s Men On My Mind is a witty take on women’s outlook on men

Radha THomas, Aman Mahajan, Ramjee Chandran at the book launch. Performin a tune.
Radha THomas, Aman Mahajan, Ramjee Chandran at the book launch. Performin a tune.
It is witty, in-your-face and written in an engaging way. Men On My Mind, veteran jazz singer Radha Thomas’s debut novel is a woman’s hilarious understanding of men—who come in various physiques and personalities.

Launched last week at Oxford Bookstore, Men On My Mind is, as the host of the event said, “an incredibly provocative book.” Prasad Bidapa, well-known fashion designer and the author’s childhood friend, who graced the occasion, described the book as “honest, gutsy and funny.” The page-turner is an expression of a woman’s mind. At the launch, Radha said the book is “a story of a woman’s adventure of men, from her teens.”

Radha was born in Tamil Nadu and lived in Mumbai and Delhi before moving to New York to pursue a career in jazz music. A woman of many talents, Radha is the band leader of the jazz fusion band UNK: The Radha Thomas Ensemble and was a radio jockey for Indigo and Blues, a show on Radio Indigo in Bangalore for two years.

Bidapa commenting on Radha’s music style said: “She set off something that became a genre—‘Radha Rock’”. He added that she continues to re-invent herself. She dedicated her book to her aunt, from whom, among other things, “she learned how to shop and shop well.” The book is the first of a trilogy according to Radha . Radha’s soulful rendition of ‘Lonely In New York’ and her composition ‘A Case of The Bangalore Blues’ were a lovely conclusion to the event. Clearly, Radha’s pizzaz and flair continues to awe. Men On My Mind, published by Rupa, is priced at Rs. 195.


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