‘You need at least I’ve men to fulfill you, remember Draupadi’


25 Nov, 2012, ItchingToRead.blogspot.in

‘You need at least I’ve men to fulfill you, remember Draupadi’

Her mother’s words, spoken long time back though not for her ears, keep ringing in her ears till today. Especially when she has managed to break free from her home.
Her first stop was an all girls boarding school of the boy starved and bloomers instead of panties variety. Where nuns taught you to be chaste yet you and your lusting friends found a way to make by friends in your mind.
A first kiss during a few days spent in her friends home and many love letters later she moves on to Mumbai, Delhi and further beyond the Indian shores to American where her Indian background has one advantage or otherwise…she is from the land of Kamasutra and therefore her sexual skills will be acrobatic and superior.
Meanwhile, her sexual adventure has the hidden agenda for finding the one guy who makes her toes curl, mills and boon style.
Beijing, New York, sexual toys, innovative lingerie, one night stands, sexy punch lines, steady relationships yet the hunt for Mr right seemed to be on forever. She mostly got weirdos barring a few interesting experiences but was there a Mr Right there for her?
Join Radha Thomas in this whirlwind adventure across the seas in pursuit of Mr Right.
The book titillates and teases the reader without making it perverse and cheap. Altogether it makes for a light and funny read however it could do with some sharper editing as some places I felt it rambled without a pay off.