‘Men on my Mind’ is an interestingly funny but twisted tale of an Indian girl, who begins her journey of the quest for the right man since she turns 7 years old. This quest, to her sheer delight, will take her from Panchgani, Mumbai, and New Delhi in India to New York, Fiji, China and then all the way back to New York. In her journey throughout the book she takes inspiration and ideas from all walks of life and all sources of information. From eavesdropping on adult conversations to voraciously reading Mills & Boons, to getting first hand tips from experienced girlfriends, she tries it all to make her quest a big success. This novel breathes a fresh new life into the “chick-lit” genre of present times and excites and entertains the reader with its excellent narration and witty language.

Radha Thomas gives India her own version of the “the sex and the city” and boy..!! With all that masala and sizzle, she surely does a good job of it. The book is as adventurous as it promises to be and you as a reader will come across all sorts of adventures a girl can long for. The book, unlike many others these days, stands very true to its name. It promises you men and what it gives you is nothing else but men. It is very well written and is an interesting read, especially for girls because they are bound to imagine themselves in the protagonists’ shoes and wonder what would have happened if it was them instead. It is an easy and a light read and one does not have to work their way out of complex plots and narrations simply because, they aren’t any.  What I especially liked in the book was the use of “the mom” and “the aunt” in place of the usual “mom”/”my mom” and “aunt”/”my aunt”. This slight change adds to the fun element and though being little satirical yet it never fails to create a funny twist around normal situations.

The book, though having its positive points, proved a little disappointing in a few places. First, the book is definitely a chick-lit but in a sex-lit sort of way and not in a romance-lit way. Thus, there is practically no romance in it and that will definitely be a source of some discontentment for the lovers of romance chick-lit. Also, the presence of so many guys was a little overdone; I guess the author could have fared better with 4 or 5 guys in picture instead of a complete cricket team. Because of the presence of so many guys, the story became a little dull and monotonous, as it became quite predictable by the end that any new guy is merely there for the ongoing chapter and will be out of scene as soon as the next chapter begins. Another thing which seemed to be a little out of place was the climax which seemed a little abrupt, unplanned and not-so-brilliantly-thought-off.

To sum it up, the book is bright and cheerful with its own ups & downs but in the end what is worth appreciating is the authors’ honest attempt to narrate the protagonist’s journey in the quest of finding the Mr Right which has turned out to be remarkably well

Men on my Mind | Radha Thomas | Book Review

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