Trilogy on finding ‘Mr Right’

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By Sonali Shenoy | ENS – CHENNAI

14th February 2013 08:42 AM

When the mood of a book launch is set by an animated reading of the protagonist’s first love making experience – it’s clear that this ain’t you’re average Indian author. Not that it’s a sexed up Fifty Shades of Grey either. In fact, jazz singer and now debutant writer Radha Thomas tells us, “I wouldn’t say it’s a ‘spicy’ read at all.” Instead, the book titled Men On My Mind is actually reflective of a girl’s search for the perfect guy.

“She (the protagonist) starts looking at the age of seven,” shares Radha at a the recent launch of the book in the city. Wait, what? “Well, okay that’s where it starts,” she smiles and pauses for effect, “but this book is written from her 20-year-old perspective.” And to keep the journey of our anonymous leading lady on a journey, the happy ending isn’t an ‘ever after’ one on the last page. “It’s a trilogy,” explains the singer-author, who was incidentally in Chennai to perform with her band UNK at the recent Isai festival.

While musicians may remember her powerful vocals from popular rock band ‘Human Bondage’ from the 70s – it appears that this lady of many talents isn’t giving up her music anytime soon either. “I’m halfway through putting together the lyrics of the songs on our second UNK album,” she says in a matter-of-fact tone. Writing pages of a love train by day and composing melodies at night – what else does this Bangalore-based superwoman pack into a day? Radha smiles, “Did I mention I also have a job?”

As VP of Business Development at Explocity, Radha definitely is a force to reckon with, especially on the time management front. “Oh, it really isn’t that hard,” she dismisses the notion with a wave her hand. And as is if to illustrate this point, she states a moment later, “I binge on TV!”

Our time is up, but one has to ask the author one last question. Was the story inspired by her own life? “Well I’ve already found Mr Right,” she responds with a smile. “But yes, the story is part fact and part fiction.” As for what got her to put pen on paper – from lyrics to full fledged chapters, it turns out Radha has no idea. She shrugs her shoulders, “I didn’t even know if it was going to be published when I started.” She takes a minute to think about it, “Well, it just came to me.” Superwoman is right. Umm, Mr Right: high five!

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