Fools Rush In

#52JazzVideos #MyOwnMusicMarathon #HaveIGoneCrazy?

I started collaborating with jazz musicians from other countries sometime in #June2020. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing.

Today, 52 weeks later, I am posting my 52nd online jazz video.

The song is #FoolsRushIn with my sweet piano-playin’ friend Tomoko Ohno Farnham whom I’m yet to meet. It will happen this year for sure. I think it’s the perfect tune because come on, who else but a fool would set such a goal?

But it’s been huge fun and an adventure. Writing new tunes, redoing one’s written earlier, digging into #Jazzstandards and of course writing #vocalese on #ChetBaker trumpet solos.

In the middle of it all I even came down with #Covid19 and lost my voice for a bit. #Respirometer to the rescue. This marathon-of-one kept me going. I even felt the same #panic before hitting the record button as I do before stepping out on stage.

I’ve learned some nifty tricks on #irealB. #What’sApp made it easy to transfer ideas. #GarageBand revealed its mysteries to me (finally) while #WeTransfer and #Smash lugged files up and down the world. This language called #jazz. You can speak it to any jazz musician in the world.

I want to thank so many.

On #guitar Pavel Ershov, Sol Mooney Edgars Rugajs, Franco Donadio, Joe Giglio, Larry Corban, Oleg Maximov and my darling friend Redouane Ayoub.

On #piano Aman Mahajan (special kisses), Michael Molloy, Akshada Krishnan, Alexandre Vianna.

On #bass the most amazing and sweetest Mauro Sereno, Sahil Warsi and Maciek Szczyciński.

On #drums Ben Amstutz, Bartosz Mikolaj Nazaruk and Jake Naugle

On #trumpet Pasha Karchevsky

On #vibes Morgan Walbridge

#soundmixing Ale Rosenblat, Rushi Ganapathi

#videoediting Lautaro Luna Binder

My #LiveAudience has mostly been my doggie Brownie. My other dog Kara, preferred to hang under her daddy’s desk. My set director is Bagya, who in her spare time keeps house for us.

#originalmusic, #vocalese #jazz #jazzcollabs #InternationalDayofYoga #jazzacrosstheoceans #covidjazz #virtualjazz

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