Love On The Dance Floor

So when I write a tune it’s always the melody first and the lyric later. Sometimes the words try to force themselves out before the melody is gestated, and I have to be stern. Not yet, I say. Wait.

I wrote #LoveOnTheDanceFloor about 10 years ago. We’ve performed it as a band a few times with complex intros and so on. But oddly, it was only about two weeks ago that I figured out the song is autobiographical. It’s almost like my mind and I don’t communicate properly with each other.


When I was about 16, I met Suresh Shottam who was the lead guitar player in one of India’s hottest bands at the time. They were called #HumanBondage. They played at #TheCellar in #ConnaughtPlace in #NewDelhi which had a #DanceFloor with #DiscoLights. He was ultimately cool. Suresh also spoke #Tamil. We were married the next year.

Alas, the #HappilyEverAfter was truncated, but that’s another story, another song.

WIth me in the present are Tomoko Ohno Farnham originally from #Sibuya, #tokyo #Japan but now in #TenaflyNJ. Maciek Szczyciński from #Ustanow in #Poland and Jake Naugle from #mapleton, #utah Ale Rosenblat mixed the sound and Lautaro Luna Binder put the video together

#originalmusic #autobiographicalsongs #personalsongs #jazzacrosstheoceans #intercontinentaljazz

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