First Signs Of Ennui

#FirstSignsOfEnnui is a song I wrote along with #RyoKawasaki back in 1978 in #NewYorkCity.
I had just developed a relationship with the #NYTCrossword which was edited by #EugeneTMaleska and the word ‘ennui’ featured a lot. Being somewhat impressionable (at 23), I felt very high-and-mighty using an obscure word in a song.

We didn’t actually release the song on any album, not sure why, but years later, I found a demo version of it on a #cassette my mom had saved.
I had to hunt for a guy who could take the music from the cassette and give me a #digital version. Ryo remastered it and it was released by #NuNorthernSoul in 2018, in the form of 100 cassettes that you need to write in for. Very odd because I don’t think anyone has cassette players these days.

Anyhow it’s up on #Bandcamp. This version is different from the original… and it’s kind of nice to take a tune and do it completely in a different way.

I never thought we’d be able to pull of trades and what-not online, but we did. Ryo passed last year so he didn’t hear this one, but maybe he would have liked it.

My cohorts are Pavel Ershov from #Russia on guitar, Maciek Szczyciński from Poland on bass, and Ben Amstutz from #Massachusetts on drums.

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