You Go To My Head

Many, many people have performed #YouGoToMyHead because it’s an absolutely beautiful song. It’s moody and the lyrics are so beautifully written.

It’s all about how love and alcohol are so perfectly paired. Maybe I haven’t had any alcohol in some 25 years, but I still remember. it was fun. Anyhow, I wrote #vocalese lyrics to a particularly haunting #ChetBaker solo… one he played towards the end of his career. For me, the words literally came pouring out.

With me is Aman Mahajan on piano, from #Jayanagar in #Bangalore, Maciek Szczyciński on bass, from #Ustanow in #Poland and Bartosz Mikolaj Nazaruk from #Warsaw also in Poland. To be able to get this groove going without gesturing speaks volumes about the musicians. They were amazing.

Ale Rosenblat and Lautaro Luna Binder from #Argentina are so so so crucial to this process. I would not be able to get anything going without them. It just goes to show that so many things are possible as long as you find the right people. i am most lucky. Apropos nothing, it’s odd that the word #refrain is used to make people stop from doing something, but in music it’s a phrase that’s repeated.




#likeahauntingrefrain I hope you like it. . . . #Jazzquartet #internationaljazz #intercontinentaljazz #FredJCoots #HavenGillespie #jazzacrosstheworld #jazzcombo #vocalese #chetbaker #Originallyrics #jazzballad

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