Dance Me To The End Of Love

Michael Molloy, keys / Maciek Szczyciński bass / Radha Thomas, voice

Written by #LeonardCohen, one of my earliest inspirations for writing lyrics, the words to this song can mean different things to different people. You can look it up.

My mom, whose birthday it is today, loved him too. She would always ask me to sing #Suzanne. I decided to make it a little up tempo and give it a little bounce.

While #Bangalore is still very locked-down, other parts of the world are opening up. Maybe we are next. Until then, it’s online-ho. With me are Maciek Szczyciński and Michael Molloy who make the song swing so sweetly.
I hope you like listening to it.

Oh yeah, can someone please figure out a way to play a live gig without delay? in other words, does anyone know how to make sound travel at the speed of light?




#jazztrio #jazzvocal #pianobassandvoice #jazzpoetry #coronajazz #lockdownjazz

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