The Sky Is Crying

There are times in life when nothing but a little #StevieRayVaughan will do. No #ellafitzgerald, no #sarahvaughan, just Stevie (not #steviewonder).

#theskyiscrying is a song I’ve loved for years. I remember driving to #Connecticut from #LongIsland with the top down and blasting my #cassette (yeah, a gazillion years ago) at top volume, feeling like queen of the road.

Accompanying me is the wonderful Keith Peters whom I’ve known from when I first started singing. It’s so nice that through the years we have had the chance to play together live. Also on this #video is the new kid on stage, Sir Amithav Gautam.

How he channels #BBKing and Stevie Ray and #JimiHendrix all at the same time one will never know, because he can channel #WesMontgomery and #KennyBurrell with equal facility. All this at 16 and that means he hasn’t paid all his dues, ha. He is a bloody prodigy, that one.

Anyhow, this is just a one-off departure from jazz mostly on account of Amithav who made my throat itch for some blues. Oh and one more thing. All three of us are basically from #Chennai, which makes this very special for me. Hope you like it . . .

#bluesguitar #singingtheblues #Chennaiites #peoplefromchennai #downhomeblues #gottapayyourdues

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