Dont Blame Me

Michael Molloy lives in London and I haven’t met him yet. But we’ve played many songs together… in fact we’re getting ready to do one of his originals soon.

Mike has a very, very, very, very, very old Indian connection. His great, great, great, great, great grandfather Major M.J Molloy fell off his horse, on his regular evening ride and died. This was despite valiant attempts by medics in Madras back in 1822 (almost 200 years ago).

He was buried in St. George’s with full honours. I have tried, vainly with the help of my daughter in law Linda to get someone to scour records of STG. We haven’t found his headstone. Maybe Mike will come to India one day and I can accompany him on the hunt if he accompanies me on the piano.

Compared to this story, the song we are performing here is relatively new. Only about 100 years old. It’s called #DontBlameMe.’ Hope you like it. . . . .

#colonialpast #crosscontinentaljazz #angloindianjazz #pianojazzduo #jazzvocal #jazzpiano

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