My experiments with gobi

Tue, 9 Sep, 2014, Jayanthi Madhukar, Bangalore Mirror

Upma 1
We have heard of mock meats (soya disguised as chicken and bacon) but this one surely takes the cake. Singer Radha Thomas, in an attempt to stay off carbs, has been experimenting with cauliflower, using the vegetable in place of sooji, rice or even wheat. So, from upma (show in the picture), bisibelebath, biscuits, mashed potatoes, biryani, pongal and thaiyirsadham, Thomas’ disbelieving friends have been the targets of her covert floret operation. But no one’s complaining and the curd rice has even become a huge hit. Thomas, who has been writing down the recipes with an idea of bringing out a book later, uses 20 cauliflowers a week. That’s a feat in itself.

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